Towing Methods and The Main Differences Between Them

Oakland’s roads are used by thousands of vehicles of different makes, models, shapes, and sizes on a daily basis. Every vehicle requires a suitable towing method, in order to make it possible to get it safely from point A to B. When selecting a towing method different parameters have to be taken under consideration, such as weight and car condition, to guarantee ideal results. The following methods offer various ways to get the job done effectively.

Flatbed Towing


This is the safest towing method of all featuring a tow truck equipped with a sturdy surface onto which the towed vehicle is mounted and to which it is tightly secured with all four wheels off the ground.

Some flatbed tow trucks can tow several cars simultaneously, or an especially long, heavy, or cumbersome vehicle. This method doesn’t require any additional parts (like other methods) that are a must for enabling the tow and it suits practically any vehicle. On the downside, this method can be more expensive, as it entails the use of a large amount of gas, due to the total weight of the towed vehicle, tow truck, and passengers aboard. Moreover, sometimes, the brake system can wear out faster due to the aforementioned weight.

Dolly Towing

Towing 11

Here is a cheaper towing method which includes a two-wheeled tow ramp on which the two front wheels of the car are lifted, and which connects to the tow truck on its other end. This is a fairly simple method that can be mastered by anyone with an aptitude and the willingness to learn. The disadvantages here lie in the fact that the towed vehicle’s rear wheels remain in full and continuous contact with the ground, thus exposing them to further damage and in the fact that the range of towable vehicles is smaller (and doesn’t include motorcycles for example).

Flat Tow Bar Towing

dolly towing

This method is less expensive than the previous two, and is also easier to operate. Since the device used to tow is lighter than a dolly or a flatbed, it is also easier to assemble and disassemble. This method is also called a four-wheel down towing, as all four wheels touch the ground throughout the ride. The main disadvantage here is the need to adjust your vehicle before purchasing (bar set up) in order to make this tow possible and the wheels’ contact with the ground.