Wrecker Towing Service in Oakland, CA

Usually, when car trouble hits, it hits at exactly the wrong time. You may be on your way to the airport for a holiday vacation and your car battery dies. You may be in the middle of a road trip when the brakes start acting up. Or you may be about to get in the car for the final callbacks for that amazing acting gig you’ve been waiting for, and your car key breaks off in the ignition. What do you do when this happens? The first thing you should do is NOT panic -we’ve got you covered! Yes, EB Towing has you covered as your wrecker service in Oakland. You can call EB Towing anytime, anywhere, and we’ll be there within minutes to answer your call. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators. Our techs are highly professional and are using state of the art equipment.

Professional and Fast Service

Professionalism is not just a word with EB Towing. It’s a motto. It’s our lifestyle. It’s the way we run our business. We know better than you do that if we aren’t professional about how we do our jobs, then we won’t get the customers to come to us. That is why we put our business and all our employees through rigorous training and certification processes to make sure that we’re all licensed and insured. We know how to serve all car brands, trucks, and motorcycles and we do so with enthusiasm and professionalism. We also use only the best of industry equipment, are upfront about our pricing, and promise 24/7 fast service.

Towing and Roadside Assistance Services

We provide many towing and roadside assistance services in the Oakland area. For towing and wrecker service in Oakland, EB Towing offers 24/7 towing solutions. These include:

  • All Towing services
  • Emergency Car Refueling
  • Car Tire Change (Customer providing the spare)
  • Car Jump Start Solutions
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Car Lock Picking
  • 24/7 Tow Truck Solutions
  • 24/7 Long Distance Towing
  • Wrecker Service
  • Towing Dolly Services
  • Private Property Towing
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing
  • Professional Roadside Assistance
  • Car Locksmith Solutions
  • Car Battery Jump Start
  • Auto Assistance

We also provide many kinds of professional roadside assistance services, such as emergency solutions, out of gas services, flat tire replacement, car locksmith services, battery replacement, battery jumpstart, and the like. Whatever you drive, ride, or operate for your vehicle, when it has troubles, you can call EB Towing to come take care of the situation in a way that’ll get you back on the road safe and sound. It doesn’t matter if it’s the radiator, the brakes, or the ignition – whatever the problem, we can help you out at EB Towing.