Professional Towing Services in Oakland, CA

Many people take great joy in the sensation of freedom they derive from driving their car along the highways. The endless roads stretching beyond sight, the wind blowing through your hair, and your favorite music on the radio make the whole experience a real treat. That is until something goes wrong. When that happens, your first order of business should be contacting a professional emergency towing service provider, such as EB Towing. EB Towing and an affiliate network of independent towing techs will provide you with premier quality solutions, at highly affordable prices.

Affordable & Fast Response Towing Services

In any case of an emergency – our team of professional mechanics is right here for you 24/7 in all of Oakland and its surroundings.

We deliver a wide range of expert towing solutions for your comfort:

  • Local distance and long-distance towing
  • Medium duty and heavy duty towing
  • Expert towing services for all cars’ makes and models
  • Professional towing services for sports cars, motorcycles, and trucks
  • Wheels-lift towing, dolly towing, and flatbed towing
  • Wrecker towing

Extensive Roadside Assistance Services

Besides providing diversified and advanced towing solutions, we understand that there are many situations drivers have to deal with when they are out and about. These situations are never planned and necessitate a swift response. That is why we provide our customers with an extensive range of roadside assistance services and solutions for their every need:

  • Out of gas
  • Professional locksmiths for car lockout situations
  • Car battery jumpstart
  • Car battery replacement
  • Flat tire changing

EB Towing – Why Choose Us?

In times of a roadside emergency, we appreciate the fact that every second counts and every minute that passes only aggravates your stress and inconvenience. This is why we offer these important advantages:

  • Very short response times: we want you to wait as little as possible. That is why we are available 24/7 and that is why we arrive on-site within minutes. This means that you will lose very little time on long phone queues and on idly waiting by for a technician to arrive
  • Whatever your need, we have the solution: we service vehicles of all types, makes, models, and sizes. One phone call and a professional solution is just a few minutes away
  • Reliable & professional: we are a licensed company. This means that you will receive the best possible customer experience – a quick, reliable, and professional treatment that will end with an effective solution.