Car Battery Replacement in Oakland, CA

If you are in or around Oakland, CA and have had your car battery die out on you, you’ll be glad to know that there too EB Towing, well known for its high-quality service, provides a car battery replacement service.

Anytime, Anywhere in or Around Oakland

At EB Towing we realize very well that a vehicle’s battery may die out unexpectedly at any time. This is why we make certain to be able to offer car battery replacement in Oakland, CA round the clock, day or night, rain or shine, weekdays, weekends and holidays, no exceptions!
With us you need not worry about availability, whenever you may need up, we’re available. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators. Our dispatch is always manned and we have a tech and service van at the ready somewhere close to where you are.

Fast and Reliable Service

EB Towing is a veteran provider of towing and roadside assistance services. Oakland, CA is within our coverage and so the local community, as well as visitors, can enjoy the type of service we offer, one which is both fast and reliable while remaining competitively priced.

Here, at EB Towing, our techs are all certified professionals, our equipment state of the art. We know our way around Oakland and so can always arrive fast to your location.

Highly Professional Team

You may think that there is not much to replacing a vehicle’s old battery with a new one. You may be surprised to learn that having the job done unprofessionally may result in damage to the vehicles’ electric systems as well as in rapid draining of the new battery and quick reoccurrence of the problem.
EB Towing’s techs are so well informed and experienced that they can quickly and perfectly replace a battery in whatever type of vehicle, sedans, station wagons, min vans, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

Honest Billing Policy

If you take the time to collect price quotes from several providers of car battery replacement services in Oakland, CA you will soon discover that EB Towing is among the ones charging the lowest rates. Our unbeatable prices result from high efficiency and a strict honest billing policy we abide by.

We also offer all types of towing services such as flatbed towing, tow by dolly, local towing, long-distance towing, emergency towing, light, medium or heavy-duty towing etc. Among our roadside assistance services are flat tire changes, battery jump starts (or dead battery replacements), gas filling etc.

Do not allow yourself to be stuck next to an immobilized vehicle any longer than necessary, do not settle for less that flawless handling or for paying more than is fair. Just call EB Towing and get the best possible service for an extremely low rate.